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    Dagmar Heller has been training horses since her youth, with a special focus on the starting of riding horses. The education consists of basic ground work, desensitization, double lunge and driving from the ground before the horse gets accustomed to carrying a rider. The work with signals and soft impulses is at the centre of the horse’s education, resulting in sensitivity and willingness to work for and with the rider...


    Part of the schooling is the work outside the arena to introduce every-day-situations and outside exercise. The owner is always invited to take part in the schooling. The training is adjusted individually to the wishes of the rider and the individuality of the horse.

    Since 2002, Dagmar Heller has been regularly schooling Mangalarga Marchadores with different varieties of Marcha. She puts importance on working with the individual, inherited gait of the Marchador. The individual gaiting ability is improved throughout the training, aiming at a horse which has learned to use his body under the rider in a biomechanical correct and relaxed way.

    Being a trainer, photographer and breeder, Dagmar Heller is interested in all aspects of this wonderful breed in theory and practice. She is member of the EAMM and the ABCCMM and stays in touch with breeders and riders in Europe and in Brazil. As the owner of several Marchadores she is always happy to give information and advice to everyone interested in this breed.

    In addition to the schooling of horses of all breeds, Dagmar Heller offers individual riding lessons for riders with their own horses.

    Furthermore Dagmar Heller is certified to work with the Equiscan Topograph Pro®, a revolutionary and universally applicable method for measuring the back of a horse. The system enables riders to buy or adjust saddles fitted individually to the horses back and can be used for different types of saddles. More information about this system can be found on the homepage of Dagmar Heller or on this site: http://www.equiscan.de/start/

    A well-fitting saddle is a precondition for a healthy riding horse!

    Dagmar Heller also works with Lifewave® patches, a method to help humans and animals with a large variety of different health issues.

    All services are available in German and English.


    Dagmar Heller - Rund um das gesunde Reiten
    Tel.: +49-176-38940858
    Homepage: www.dagmar-heller.com

  • Astrid Oberniedermayr - Bildergalerie

    Schooling outside the arena with Mangalarga Marchador mare Xingera vom Kreiswald
    Double lunge work with the Mangalarga Marchador stallion Dourado vom Cassenshof
    Mangalarga Marchador Dourado vom Cassenshof under saddle as a young horse
    n addition to the schooling of Mangalarga Marchador Desejo through Dagmar Heller, the owner takes lessons
    Dagmar Heller with Mangalarga Marchador mare Daria von der Hahnenkoppel, bred by herself
    Measuring of the back of Mangalarga Marchador Belle de Jour V8, owner Ricardo Bacellar Wuerkert, in Brazil with the Equiscan Topograph Pro ®