• Dieter Mader - dressage with gaited horses

    Dieter Mader, known by several show appearances at trade shows, gala events and championships, is devoted to the classical- Iberian riding style. He didn`t start his career with it, but it was the result of a development process that made him try different riding types until he met Marc de Broissia. He became his student for many years and graduated finally in classical dressage...


    He got to know the Mangalarga Marchador by Astrid and was fascinated of the character, motivation as well as of the Marcha. Meanwhile he is hosting nearly 10 Marchador horses in his stable and giving lessons to its owners. He visited Brazil several times and experienced the horses during fantastic rides in their country of origin. His advice as to gymnastic exercises is highly appreciated also in Brazil, where the benefits of consistent gymnastic dressage exercises with gaited horses referring to improved mobility, release, appearance/“brio” and clarity of the beat are less known.

    Dieter Mader has been and still is giving lessons for many years, even during weekends and at external places. Many riders of gaited horses are among his customers. Together with Mireille van Meer they offer their knowledge and experience to the EAMM by assuming the duty of sport and training directors.

    You will find more information about D. Mader’s work on his homepage: