• Ute Lehmann

    Teaching in riding and ground work - combined with horseback riding at the beach!


    On the Danish west coast, just 3 km from the wide North Sea beach, the year is unlimited rideable, Ute Lehmann is at home with her daughter Kim, born in 1999, and her husband Michael. Except 2 dogs and 3 cats, 2 MM, a gelding by 1995 from Tabatinga line and a colt from June 2009, son of Dourado.

    Ute Lehmann is a member of EAMM and ABCMM. Ute offers riding holidays with your own horse, combined with instruction in ground work, circus lessons and fine riding.

    Problem solving, balanced energy between horse and rider, rider yoga, breathing exercises. The stay can be combined with a wellness program at a nearby spa facilities, etc. with a possibility for sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi, massage.

    Mangalarga Marchador people are especially welcome!
    Groups of up to 10 people and 8 horses can be accommodated.

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