• Equitana 2013

    Showtime for Mangalarga Marchadores!     

    The EQUITANA Essen opened the doors March 16 - 24, 2013 and received 201.000 visitors duringnine fair days.
    In the middle of it: Mangalarga Marchadores! ...

    The vitrine stallions were presented 3 times per day in hall 2, hall 6 and hall 10/11 as well as in the HOP TOP SHOW together with the samba dancers from „Viva Brasil“. The stallions galloped over a rolling ramp with the dancers around and the Corcovado in the background. People were excited and many wanted more information about the breed Mangalarga Marchador ... .

    Brasil and the Mangalarga Marchador werepresented in a very beautiful booth with rotating pictures of the stallions above. Exhibitors in the stand were ABCCMM / EAMM, Universidade do Cavalo, Seleria Kadok, Café do Brasil and the vitrine stallions breeders Haras Maripá, Haras ElFar, Haras do Conforto, Haras Figeiras Novas and Haras Marchador do Portal. The stallions had their boxes just behind the stand and people could visit them, have a closer look and convince themselves about the calmness, coolness, friendlyness and beauty of the horses. More than 120 people filled in a form with their address and email account in order to get more information about the Mangalarga Marchador breed and sales horses in Europe and Brasil. Thousands of brochures of the different Haras and information about the breed were given to the people.  

    During the presentations in the big arena hall 6 and the small arenas (hall 2, hall 10/11) we explained
    the breeding objectives to the audiance:

    • Beauty of the Iberian ancestors
    • Impeccable character
    • Docility and gentleness
    • Easy to ride and rusticity
    • Comfortable gait both in Marcha Picada and/or Marcha Batida
    • Brave and courageous
    • Agililty with „cow sense“
    • Dressage talent
    • Durable and sturdy
    • Extremely versatile and many more talents

    When people saw the coolness and beauty combined with the comfortable gait they became extremely interested in the Mangalarga Marchadores and we had many many „horse talks“ at the Brazilian stand.


    • 2009 ABCCMM has a both at EQUITANA without horses, EAMM was founded
    • 2011 ABCCMM has a both at EQUITANA, the vitrine stallions are 3 - 5 times in the daily program
    • 2013 ABCCMM has a both at EQUITANA, the vitrine stallions are presented 3 times in the daily program and in the four HOP TOP SHOWs with 24.000 people audiance.

    Every year more than 50 show acts apply for the participation in the HOP TOP SHOW. Chosen can be only 12 - 14 show acts and the Mangalarga Marchador were in 2013 amongst the participants.

    We thank especially for the support of the vitrine stallions‘ breeders Magdi Shaat, Marcelo Baptista de Oliveira, Antonio Santos Silva and Paulo Guilherme Monteiro Lobato Ribeiro. We thank ABCCMM and APEX for all the trust and support. And we thank the EQUITANA team, all the helpers, our riders and wethank those brave and trusting stallions!!!

    Astrid Oberniedermayr 1. Vorsitzende EAMM e.V.