• Horses for Sale

    If you want to advertise a sale horse, then send your photo and text, as described below to:


    Price per display 10, - €.

    For a 1 - to 12-month ad, we suggest to use the bank account for the charge of the display price. Once the horse is sold, we ask for information.

  • Zamboa vom Kreiswald

    Breed:  Mangalarga Marchador
    Colour:  Braun
    Sex:  Stute
    Birth:  05.06.2011
    Father:  Spinho do Espinho Preto
    Mother:  Itaenga Zomba
    Withers:  154
    Level of training:  geritten
    Gaits:  4-Gänger
    Price:  auf Anfrage